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We stock a very large range of cleaning products for a broad range of applications including truck wash,  truck wash and wax, car wash, solvent and water based degreasers, interior and exterior protectants, hand cleaners (smooth and grit), citrus cleaners, laundry and dishwasher, bleaches, cleaning wipes, glass cleaners, brake cleaners, air fresheners and more.


Koala Auto Kare is an Australian owned, Brisbane based company, with Agent/Distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand.

They are Innovators and Leaders in safe cleaning and conditioning products for the domestic, transport, carwash and industrial markets. Products incorporate the best chemical technology available in the world.


Sierra have been supplying many of the prestige detailers / dealerships for over a decade now.

Originally their goal was to simply formulate and provide a better class of car care range, and now Sierra have built a reputation for a solid range of consumables for this demanding market.

Their flagship product “Citrus 6000” features prominently with many of their detailing clients.



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