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We supply a very large range of quality batteries for cars, trucks, caravan and camping, mobility scooters, machinery, motorcycles, hobby and UPS. Standard crank, to very high crank batteries with up to 3 1/2 years warranty. Calcium/Calcium, lead acid, AGM and GEL. Maintenance free, accessible and VRLA. Batteries for cranking, deep cycle and stand-by. We provide free battery and alternator testing on site, no obligation and offer budget to very high quality options. Don’t bother with the rest, start with the best.

E Type European Size Batteries in stock here in Bundaberg

200L Batteries and 200R Batteries  (EMFN200L/R)

150L Batteries and 150R Batteries  (EMFN150L/R)

120L Batteries and 120R Batteries  (EMFN120L/R)

100L Batteries and 100R Batteries  (MFN100L/R)

Come in and see our range!

SuperCharge SuperCharge has been distributing boat, truck, and car batteries since 1984. All of our products are made using market-leading Expanded Grid (EXG) technology, which helps SuperCharge one of the leading distributor of maintenance-free car batteries throughout the Oceania region. They offer the widest range of low-maintenance car batteries in Australia, as well as an extensive selection of marine battery products and deep cycle battery selections to fit your needs.

  • Gold – These are maintenance-free, fully-sealed, top-of-the-line products with superior starting power. Our gold units come with a 36-month warranty and are ideal for heavy duty vehicle use. Many consumers prefer Gold units as their four wheel drive auto battery of choice.
  • Silver – These units are also fully-sealed and maintenance free. Ideal for normal use, they have an amazing reserve capacity. All silver batteries come with a 24-month warranty.
  • Accessible – The accessible model is very low-maintenance as compared to other options on the market. These offer a high starting power and a 30 month warranty.

The Gold and Silver options are compatible with American, Japanese, and European car and truck makes and models. Whether you want an auto battery for your personal pickup or for one of your work wagons, you‘ll find a model to suit your needs and budget.

Power Charge Regal Electro’s Power Charge brand is known for its reliability and performance covering a wide range of industries. The management of Regal Electro have been specialising in batteries and battery related products for a combined period of over 50 years. The ever expanding ranges include unique and technically advanced products designed for the Australian & New Zealand markets.
Lead Crystal Batteries are here!!! Lead Crystal batteries are the better alternative to lead acid, lead gel and SAM (super absorbant matt) batteries. Now you have a choice of robust, resilient, high performing products. Lead Crystal Batteries characteristics in a nutshell:


  • High performing – Robust, resilient, high performing. Lead Crystal Batteries can be discharged deeper, cycled more often (even in extreme temperatures) and have a longer service life compared to lead acid, lead gel and SAM (super absorbant matt) batteries. Lead Crystal batteries recover to full rates capacity over and over again.
  • Unique technology – A unique micro-porous super absorbant matt (SAM), high-purity lead calcium selenium plates, safe SiO2 electrolyte solution that solidifies into a white crystalline powder when charged / discharged.
  • Cleaner and safe – Less acid, no cadmium, no antimony. Lead Crystal Batteries are up to 99% recyclable (we are working on getting to 100%) and are classified as non-hazardous goods for air, sea and land transport.
  • Versatile in application – Lead Crystal Batteries are being used in all industries where conventional lead based batteries like lead acid, lead gel and SAM batteries are used. A few industries include telecoms, ups, petrochem / marine, defence, renewable engery, health care, manufacturing, transportation and electric motion (wheelchairs, golf carts and trolleys).
  • Unbelievable cycle life.
  • Available in 12v, 8v, 6v and 2v.
  • For dual battery systems including caravans, campers, houses, golf carts and mobility scooters.
Amptech Amptech batteries boast long running power and low current drain. They have a high density plate design to deliver constant power supply without loss of capacity. Their batteries are built to withstand multiple extensive discharge and re-charge cycles.
Seamaster Powered with the Expanded Grid Technology (EXG), SeaMaster batteries provide boating enthusiasts the power needed to meet the demands of their marine application and the heavy pounding of the rough seas. Low maintenance marine batteries, with high starting power. Wet-charged and ready for installation.
RevPlus The Rev Plus Motorcycle Battery range is available in sizes to suit various models of Motorcycle and powered by technology that is second to none.

  • More Power
  • Long Life Peace of Mind
  • Suits the most popular models of Motorcycle
  • 12 Month Warranty

Supercharge Rev Plus Batteries are suited to the most popular road bikes in Australia.

Truck Master The Truck Master range is especially designed to handle the worst conditions Australia can throw at it. The innovative way they use an Antimony Positive plate and the Calcium Negative plate ensures that the battery can run longer and accept a better charge rate than other batteries, resulting in Industry Leading Durability. he most popular road bikes in Australia.


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